Things I Learned by Studying Every ‘Shark Tank’ Pitch #1

This article by Bill Murphy Jr., a student of entreprenuership.  Bill, a passionate shark tank fan,  writes about what he learned by absorbing every shark tank pitch.

Things I Learned by Studying Every ‘Shark Tank’ Pitch

Your odds are as good as anyone’s.
Let’s start by establishing a baseline. Of the 377 pitches that I reviewed, 185 were successful–meaning that the entrepreneurs on the show reached a handshake deal with at least one Shark to invest in their company. That works out to a pretty amazing 49 percent success rate.

Of course, only a small percentage of entrepreneurs who apply for the show get picked to appear to begin with–0.4 percent, according to the show’s producers. Even after a deal appears to be struck, there is usually an intense due diligence process that kills many–maybe even a majority–of deals.